The main guys

thfc4_2-1.jpgHarry Fingle is known as one of the best investigative journalists in the world. He can smell corruption and a cover up from miles away and be relied on to dig the dirt and uncover the truth. He’ll expose injustice and unfairness. He’ll champion the underdog, put his own life at risk, and never tire until he’s finished his investigation and filed his article. He’s well paid, and has won many international awards. He’s intelligent, articulate, approaches his work with an unbiased attitude, and carries no grudges. He’s good company and has many friends–but his work and media exposures have made him enemies who’ll settle only for his downfall.

Amie Lau was Harry’s partner for seven years. She stood by him during his long, arduous trial, and had always expected they’d marry at some time. When Harry is acquitted and tells her he wants to end their relationship she’s devastated. She tries to continue her life without him but finds it difficult, and ends up stalking him. Her obsessive behaviour brings her into contact with Harry’s frightening enemies.

Grigoriy Nabutov was once head of the most feared, violent Moscow mafia gang. Murder and assassination are second nature to him. He’s hired to kill Harry, fails on his first attempt, but doesn’t give up.

Philip Stacey was once Harry’s boss and long-standing friend. Harry is godfather to one of Philip’s children. They used to play squash together and regularly socialised. When Harry is fired, Philip is not to be seen and has mysteriously left the company. He turns out to be a spook–working for MI6–and not such a good friend of Harry’s after all.

Max Webster turns up in Harry’s life after three years spent abroad. He’s a similar age to Harry and an extrovert with long, curly, black hair, a black beard, and an earring. Before he went away, Harry and he used to best buddies. Now he’s back, their friendship picks up where it left off until a dark shadow closes in.

Playing Harry:

Assassination Continuum:

Zero One:



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