Playing Harry

This kind of book is not something I normally read but it had my attention right from the beginning. The action started on the first page and never really stopped and I never wanted to put the book down. The characters were great and had so many layers. I have to admit I found it a little odd that so many people seemed to work for some government or another but as this isn’t my usual sort of read I can’t say if that’s normal or not.

I didn’t see every little twist and turn coming and found myself holding my breath when characters lives were in danger so the suspense side of things definitely worked!

The only slight niggle I had was the slightly dual ending aspect of the book. The love interest side of things took quite a large percentage of the book to resolve after all the action had finished. I’d have liked the two to have coincided a bit more to keep the action going more towards the ending. JM at Goodreads

Nick Wastnage is at his best orchestrating tales of cat and mouse thrillers. Playing Harry is Wastnage at his zenith as he lays out the tale of journalist Harry Fingle. A story that builds like a snowball gathering steam as it rolls downhill, this seemingly simple story of justice gets larger and more complicated with each flip of the page. Before we even know what hits us we are embroiled in an international scandal lined thick with layers of love, intrigue, and corporate power, all of which is laced with unrelenting action.

I have now read several novels by Wastnage and this one tops what has already become a fairly impressive collection by one of the UK’s best storytellers.

Liked this one? Check out Electronic Crime in Muted Key as well. Freddy at Goodreads.

Constructed by a real master


Playing Harry is the second thriller by Nick Wastnage that I have had the pleasure to read. As with Electronic Crime in Muted Key, the protagonist is a white professional comfortable with the tools of the IT age. Where Electronic Crime focused on an elaborate plot of false identity and deception of family members, friends and the police, Playing Harry focuses on deception of the protagonist by friends, co-workers and governments (both domestic and foreign). In ways, the beginning of the novel reminded me a little of the Stieg Larsson novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo since Harry is also a journalist on trial facing prison if convicted. That fate is narrowly missed, but very quickly he finds himself involved in a situation beyond his control when he discovers the existence of a mysterious computer file on the hard drive of his recently deceased brother’s computer. From here stranger events begin to escalate rapidly involving the deaths of others seemingly connected, corporate backbiting, spying and espionage; all of which appears to involve international corporations, foreign governments, organized crime, MI6 and even the American CIA. What is poor Harry to do and who is it that is actually playing with him and to what end? Oh yeah, I can’t forget the interplay with his ex-girlfriend and a couple of other sexual encounters that add more heat to the whole.

If you want to curl up with a thriller constructed by a real master, you cannot go wrong with Playing Harry.

Playing Harry by Nick Wastnage was indeed a good mystery read. I was kept sitting on the edge of my seat…quickly turning the pages until I was finished with this wonderful read. Be ready for an action packed read that will have you waiting for the next twist and turn because there are many in Playing Harry. Being a senior journalist, working for The Morning Times was what Harry loved. However, problems came…. and he had been found not guilty of a trumped-up charge…and that is how this story starts. The author was able to keep the reader very interested in what was going on….the death of his brother…sister-in-law… all come together in a violent international conspiracy that will only leave you saying WOW!

The characters were simply off the chart….good… are a few…Harry Fingle, Philip Stacey, Amie Lau, Richard Morecombe, Kate Fisher, Gary Lester, Jimmy Ali, Ed James, Alex Goad, Clair & Joe Fingle, John Edwards, Dave, Jackie, Boris, Natasha, Scott Reynolds, Paul Thompson, Jill Fellows, Sheila Robinson, Mirman Rodriquez and I am sure I have left out someone. All of these characters had their certain amount of flavor (even the bad) that truly added a plus to this excellent read to find out how. Now to find out more you will simply have to pick up Playing Harry to find out.

If you are in for a good mystery with corruption, conspiracy, drugs, lost love, grief and more…. you are at the right place with Playing Harry, and I would recommend this novel as an excellent read for you. Five stars.

I love playing Playing Harry. It reminds me of Alan Jacobson’s books. The plot twisted, and the ending is unpredictable. I like how Nick Wastnage makes the story in gray area. He didn’t force his opinion, but let us decide if the end justifies the means. I empathize with all the characters, including the bad guys. The author makes the characters real. They do what real people do. A good and interesting read. I’m waiting for Nick Wastnage’s next read. Five stars. Smashwords

I needed less than fifteen pages to get into this book. It is packed with actions, interesting scenario, and fascinating and slightly disturbing characters. Nick Wastnage manages to take us through an international conspiracy with incredible ramifications whilst, as in all his books, making us fall in love with the depth of his characters. An excellent book that you will not be able to close until the last dot! Five stars.

Playing Harry


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