An interview with Harry Fingle


Question: In Playing Harry you were cruel and uncaring to Amie. She’d done so much to support you? Why did behave like that?

Harry Fingle: At the time I was blown out by the rigged case against me. I knew I was innocent, but as the trial went on, I thought I’d be found guilty and go to prison for a long time. I was wrong to treat Amie the way I did, and I’ve told her so, but at the time, I couldn’t face my life as it had been.

Q: What did you think when you were charged with being in possession of indecent images of underage children?

Harry Fingle: My first reaction was it’s all crazy. I thought they must have been joking. They had no evidence, and it had to be a mistake. Then the police said they were arresting me, and took away my laptop. Next thing I knew was they’d found some indecent images on my hard drive. I was shocked. I hadn’t downloaded any–somebody else must have done it. I guess my computer was hacked. I was scared and started to think irrationally.

Q: Have you any idea who could have set you up?

Harry Fingle: Yes. I do, and will expose them at some time. I can’t say too much at the moment, as there are several other issues, and to tell you before I have all the evidence might prejudice my situation.

Q: What did you think about Kate Fisher? After all, her actions might have resulted in your death.

Harry Fingle: Well. She was a troubled person. I don’t think she deliberately spied on me. She was all screwed up, and being blackmailed by her ex-boss.

Q: You felt sorry for her, then? Did you sleep with her?

Harry Fingle: Pass. I’m not going there.

Q: What did you think of the way MI6 and the CIA treated you?

Harry Fingle: Oh come on! It was shit. They’re a load of shysters. They’d screw their aged grandmothers if it suited them. No further comment. I’m bound by the Official Secrets Act. 

Q: What did you think when you found out Grigoriy Nabutov was out of jail and out to kill you again?

Harry Fingle: I was delighted of course! That really is the dumbest question I’ve heard for ages. 

Q: What’s the state of your relationship with Amie Lau? Is it back on again?

Harry Fingle: I don’t know. You’ll have to wait and see.

Q: In Assassination Continuum, you say you like Ethiopia. What’s so great about it?

Harry Fingle: Well for one, no one asks me stupid questions, it’s nothing like the West–no obsessions with celebrities, brands, and money, and it’s stunningly beautiful.

Q: Finally, after what’s happened to you in the last few years, do you now think your safe?

Harry Fingle: No way. That’d be boring.


Harry Fingle appears in Playing HarryAssassination Continuum, and Zero One.

Playing Harry and NobleiPad UKiPad US

Assassination Continuum,

Zero One


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