Harry Fingle

Where spies lie.

‘For over three years people have wanted me dead. Why, because I expose people who’re corrupt, immoral, paedophiles, criminals, and more. I take no prisoners, do no one favours, and dig until I expose the truth. I don’t stop until I’m done.’ Harry Fingle.

Harry is an investigative journalist. When he discovers a conspiracy that’s so shocking it implicates the US and UK governments he does what he does best– he charges on, regardless of his own safety and who he might upset. But the CIA and MI6 have other plans…

Playing Harry 1600 2400_1Playing Harry.

The first story.

Giant international corporations hire hitmen. The CIA and MI6 sanction immoral and illegal skulduggery. People die. Harry Fingle–an investigative journalist, searching for his brother’s killer–is appalled, and tries to publish his findings. He’s gagged, an assassin is briefed, and his ex-lover is stabbed.

Harry’s a pawn in a real-life game of chess played out by the security services.

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b82d7-continuum22Assassination Continuum.

The second story.

The wrong man is murdered in a café in Istanbul. A feared Russian assassin is mortified and vows to right his mistake. Harry Fingle’s lover becomes over-inquisitive, and his spy-friend tells him to watch out.

Tension mounts. The Russians hire a Serbian hitman as a back-up executioner and Harry begins to question his trusted spy-friend’s loyalties.

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zero one 800Zero One.

The final story.

Murderers walk free from court, juries are nobbled, spooks leak secrets, police fix investigations, prisoners escape, and the media stay silent. Zero One is dominant. One man controls it.

A lingering love affair, Harry Fingle’s discovery of the name of Zero One’s chief, and the breakout from jail of Harry’s nemesis–the feared Russian assassin Grigoriy Nabutov–make for a tense and emotional conclusion to the trilogy.

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THFC4 correctThe Harry Fingle Collection.

The three-book series in one box set.


The Harry Fingle Collection-trailer.



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