Profile of an assassin

f832b-images-21He’d think nothing of killing you if you crossed him. He’s immensely rich and powerful, and used to getting what he wants, particularly with women. Judges, politicians, business chiefs, and those that work for him fear him. He’ll never take no for an answer.

His full Russian name is Grigoriy Nabutov syn Yegor– known as Grigoriy Nabutov to his associates. He once headed the biggest and most ruthless outfit in the Moscow mafia.

He’s forty-one, dresses in expensive, western European designer-labelled clothes, and is fit and lean with a thin, mean-looking face, and sharp, sallow features. He has thick, black hair, which he sweeps back to show his forehead. His eyes are dark, and he has a penetrating stare. He has small eyebrows and a pronounced, pointed jaw. He’s six foot tall.

His life started to unravel when he appeared in the book, The Bloodied Black Heart. Becky Rackley–a British spy–was his match, and he had to flee Russia under a hail of bullets. He survived, and reinvented himself as an assassin, rapidly gaining a reputation as the best and most expensive assassin in the world.

Then he was hired to kill Harry Fingle.




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