Taking a break with Harry

Harry Fingle and I are taking a break. We off to Boston and Cape Cod for a while. I’ve done as much as I can on Assassination Continuum, the follow on to Playing Harry and the second story in the trilogy, The Harry Fingle Collection. It’s gone off to my editor, and should be ready for […]

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Guilty or not?

Harry’s defining moment. Harry Fingle became certain the jury would find him guilty and that he’d go to prison for several years. At the beginning of the trial he had no doubt that his case would be thrown out of court; dismissed as a shameful case of trumped-up evidence manipulated by someone he’d upset in […]

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Let’s talk about Harry

Harry Fingle is the main protagonist in Playing Harry. Harry’s thrown into a shocking conspiracy, choreographed by MI6 and the CIA, that claims the lives of his brother and sister-in-law and many others. When I created him, I didn’t think for one minute I’d see him again after Playing Harry. He’d be the main character, […]

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Frozen after death

Snow, ten centimetres deep, covered the top of the black coffin. At 7:00 a.m., just after dawn, a tall man, dressed in a black overcoat, and wearing a scarf, gloves and a black Astrakan hat, stepped out of a government Mercedes and walked briskly up the snow-covered path to where four undertakers stood by a […]

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