JIMMY ALI – known as Jimmy to his friends and his sister – heard the big, studded, wooden door of Pentonville prison slam closed behind him. He’d just served eighteen months of a three-year sentence for drug dealing. His good behaviour had earned him remission. I’m never going back inside that shithole, he vowed, and […]

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False Refuge

Harry, who’d watched the man being led away from an upstairs window, turned and made for his bed, where Stephanie cowered under the sheets, frightened out of her life. ‘It’s all okay. They’ve got him. You were right, he was coming to get me.’ Harry pulled the duvet back, leant down, and kissed Stephanie on […]

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Gary’s slippery slope

GARY LESTER woke early. He felt shaky and had a thumping headache, as had become his norm every morning. He rolled out of bed. He knocked over the empty bottle of scotch lodged against the side of his bed, ignoring the dregs that dribbled onto the dirty carpet, and rushed to the bathroom. He grabbed […]

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