Amie bled for Harry

Amie screamed. The man she’d escaped from earlier at Harry’s house stood in front of her, in her kitchen, and brandished his knife. She’d just stepped out of the shower and was naked, apart from a big, white, bath towel that she’d wrapped right around her. ‘Take it off, lady. Drop it.’ ‘What do you […]

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Favourite moments

I was asked recently what were my favourite moments from Playing Harry. Here’s one of them. A year after Harry Fingle cruelly tells his loyal lover of seven years – who had supported him and stood by him during the trumped-up court case against him – that he wanted to split-up, and would she move […]

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Why did I write Playing Harry?

The quick answer is I wanted to do something different. Playing Harry is an interstitial crime novel, where I’ve tried to weave together a thriller, six human dramas, and a love story. Up to the point of starting Playing Harry, I’d written six books: each unrelated, with a different crime-solver or main protagonist, and with […]

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