One amongst seven

Who can Harry trust?
Kate Fisher morns her son, stabbed in a drug-related teenage gang incident. The tragedy breaks up her marriage. When her sister and brother-in-law, Harry Fingle’s brother, are murdered, she teams up with Harry to find the killers. He discovers that she still works for Alex Goad, the man he suspects is behind the murders, and he doubts her true loyalty.
Alex Goad is the self-seeking, deceitful chief executive of one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. He hires a computer hacker to hack into his competitor’s IT system and Harry Fingle’s emails, and thinks nothing of blackmailing Kate Fisher, an ex-employee, to sleep with Harry to gain vital information on his company’s major rival.
Richard Morecombe is a successful media mogul. Harry Fingle, who works for one of Richard’s newspapers as an investigative journalist, finds out that Richard pays to have sex with underage teenage boys. Harry wants to publish his findings. His editor stops him, and he’s arrested and charged for a crime he didn’t commit. It’s a set up, and he’s acquitted. He returns to his job, and is fired for no reason.
Ed James kills people for a living. He’s a professional hitman. Alex Goad hires him to murder Harry Fingle’s brother and sister-in-law, and then instructs him to kill Harry.
Jimmy Ali calls Harry Fingle as soon as he’s let out of prison. He’s done time for petty drug dealing. Harry used him once for information on the street drug scene. Harry hires Jimmy to help him track his brother and sister-in-law’s killer. Jimmy finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy, where two leading pharmaceutical companies, vying for world domination, target Harry while the CIA and MI6 look on.
Grigoriy Nabutov, one time head of the most feared mafia gang in Moscow, falls out with the Russian authorities and takes a job with Alex Goad’s rival company. His assignment is to watch Harry Fingle. When Harry starts to get in the way, Grigoriy’s masters order him to kill Harry.
Amie Lau is Harry Fingle’s loyal and loving ex, who won’t accept their relationship is over. He treats her badly, but she still loves him, and camps in his house when he’s not there. She helps him when he needs assistance, and risks her life for his cause.
Playing Harry, thefirst epic story of Harry Fingle, where he beat off two assassins, only to be stopped by MI6 and the CIA.

2 thoughts on “One amongst seven

  1. Waitaminute – is Richard Morecombe a media magnet (the media is attracted to him) or a media magnate (a person of rank, power, influence or distinction, especially within a certain area)? I can't remember …

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