Finding Harry – a guy to work with

I can’t explain how great it is to find a protagonist that I want to write about for some time.
I’ve written seven books, and six rewrites, and they’re all different and stand-alone stories. Each time I’ve invented new characters. None of the books are part of a series or a follow on.
Many authors have one character running through a series of their books, and are very successful at it. But I always set out to write separate, unique novels.
After finishing my marathon rewrite of six of my backlist, I stepped back and thought I actually liked and empathised with Harry Fingle in my latest book, Playing Harry. He’s not perfect. He’s got his faults, and he behaved despicably to his loyal partner of seven years, Amie Lau. But there’s enough going for him to develop.
In Playing Harry, he’s set up, charged and acquitted of a crime he didn’t commit. His brother and sister-in-law are killed in suspicious circumstances, and he’s fired from his job for no reason. He’s plain wrong in the way he treats Amie, but he can’t be put down, and sets out to discover the truth behind the two murders and his treatment by his employees and the security services.
Now I’ve decided to write a series of books about him, The Harry Fingle Collection, I can develop his character, work on his faults, and invent conspiracies and scrapes for him to be involved with. I can think about his lifestyle, his likes and dislikes, his friends and romances. It becomes endless.
When I start on a new thriller, I plan and plot for some time before I start to write. That won’t change, but I’ll have a character to develop, who I’ve written about and know, and who has strengths and weaknesses, and has done wrong. It feels good, and I’m excited, and I can’t wait to start.
Playing Harry, the first epic story about Harry Fingle, where he beats off two assassins, only to be stopped by MI6 and the CIA.,, smashwords, iPad UK, iPad US.


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