Harry’s return

I was in Istanbul a week ago, an exciting and interesting city, and as I turned a corner in The Grand Bazaar, I thought how evocative a location it was for a new Harry Fingle story.
I imagined Harry sitting in one of the small, busy coffee shops, and sipping on a Turkish coffee, when he looks up, and sees Grigoriy Nabutov, his nemesis, come strolling around the corner.
Harry’s horror-struck. Nabutov is supposed to be locked away in a British prison for attempting to murder Harry.
Has Nabutov escaped, or have his masters struck some deal with MI6 in exchange for his freedom? Harry asks himself.
He doesn’t wait to find out. He disappears amidst the labyrinth of exotic streets and tunnels that make The Grand Bazaar so mysterious.
Or could Amie, Harry’s loyal and long suffering ex-lover, appear with her new husband and interrupt Harry’s lunch, and kick-off a new affair.
And then there’s Jimmy Ali, a small time drug-dealer, who’s in and out of prison, and keeps trying to turn straight. Harry, a renowned investigative journalist, paid Jimmy to help him on some of his past investigations. What if Jimmy pops up as well? And what’s he doing in a city renowned for its easy supply of illegal substances?
Then I thought about Jake and Becky from my book, The Bloodied Black Heart, soon to be published on kindle. Surely, after Becky had travelled to Moscow to save Jake from Grigoriy Nabutov’s clutches, they deserve a part?
As I turned each corner, and saw more of the city’s beauty and wonders, more possibilities shot-up in my mind.
Harry Fingle features in the first book of The Harry Fingle Collection in Playing Harry, amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, smashwords, iPad UK, iPad US.    


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