Harry Fingle

Where spies lie. ‘For over three years people have wanted me dead. Why, because I expose people who’re corrupt, immoral, paedophiles, criminals, and more. I take no prisoners, do no one favours, and dig until I expose the truth. I don’t stop until I’m done.’ Harry Fingle. Harry is an investigative journalist. When he discovers […]

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Profile of an assassin

He’d think nothing of killing you if you crossed him. He’s immensely rich and powerful, and used to getting what he wants, particularly with women. Judges, politicians, business chiefs, and those that work for him fear him. He’ll never take no for an answer. His full Russian name is Grigoriy Nabutov syn Yegor– known as […]

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Snow-covered black coffin

Snow, ten centimetres deep, covered the top of the black coffin. At 7:00 a.m., just after dawn, a tall man–dressed in a black overcoat and wearing a scarf, gloves, and a black Astrakhan hat–stepped out of a government Mercedes and walked briskly up the snow-covered path to where four undertakers stood by a recently dug, […]

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Never defy an assassin

Grigoriy Nabutov, the feared Russian assassin who lives to execute Harry Fingle, doesn’t like being crossed! In Assassination Continuum, Gary Lester, foolishly, did just that. The morning of November 26, a Saturday–three days after Gary Lester had been visited by Grigoriy Nabutov’s hoods–Gary lay in bed shaking. His condition was brought on by three factors: his fear of being […]

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Deadly and relentless pursuit

In the trilogy, The Harry Fingle Collection, Grigoriy Nabutov–a deadly Russian assassin–lets nothing or nobody halt or hinder his relentless pursuit of Harry Fingle. Here’s a clip from Assassination Continuum, the second book in the trilogy, when Grigoriy discovers two of his mobsters have failed him. Grigoriy gulped down the rest of the vodka and […]

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A man for most assassinations

Grigoriy Nabutov is a scary guy. He first appeared in The Bloodied Black Heart. He has since become Harry Fingle’s nemesis in The Harry Fingle Collection, and appears in all three books in the trilogy. To get a flavour of him, here’s an extract from The Bloodied Black Heart. ~~~ Grigoriy was thirty-seven. He dressed in […]

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